Fearless Futures serves daring organisations — across sectors — ready to actively challenge inequities by addressing their roots, intersections, and lived realities. We facilitate transformative equity and inclusion learning experiences, in-person and online, as well as partner with our clients through consultancy in service of designing equitable ecosystems for people and products.

How we do equity and inclusion work with companies

1. Transformative capacity building equity and inclusion learning experiences, virtually and in person 

2. Consultancy to design equitable policies, processes and products

3. Both of the above together for deep change across your organisational ecosystem 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Solutions to Drive Change in the Workplace

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs must recognise discomfort and move through it to address inequities in our systems. The workplace is one of many institutions that requires a transformative learning environment to encourage inclusion and equity across identities. 

At Fearless Futures, our equity and inclusion training courses include:

Design for Inclusion (DFI): Oppression is designed, but we can counteract this design with a new approach. We’ve developed this program for leaders within organisations — executive teams, chief product officers (CPOs) and other senior positions. Our workshop fosters the analytical skills leaders need to criticise oppressive frameworks and build new ecosystems of equity and inclusion.

Building Inclusive Cultures (BIC): This programme enables attendees to explore the lived realities of inequities and how our cultural structures operate around them. Through these sessions, your team can learn new ways to engage in conversations about inclusion and show up for underrepresented groups.

Introductory workshops: Address DEI in your wider organisation by forming foundational knowledge on inclusion and how to bring this knowledge to different spaces.

Bespoke training: Harness the power of ongoing learning with in-person and virtual education beyond our standard sessions.

E-learning: Our scalable and cost-effective e-learning solution – Foundations to Inclusion and Equity – gives everyone in your company access to robust, dynamic and daring inclusion and equity training. 

Public taster workshops: Learn what we’re about before committing to our in-depth training sessions with a publicly available introductory workshop.

As your company strives to design diversity, equity and inclusion in your organisation, you can turn to our Consultancy services for Advisory on best practice for your policies and procedures or our Ecosystem Audit to gain clarity about your organisation as a dynamic system so we can share with you how to leverage the system to create deep inclusive change.

Being Fearless Starts Today

A fearless future begins with fearlessness today. Create a more inclusive and equitable environment within your company through our workshops,  Consultancy and Inclusion Resources. Contact us today to get started.

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